The theme of the annual IRFA conference to be held in Durban at the end of July emphasizes the interconnectivity and impact of all the components in our African retirement ecosystem.

As the Institute of Retirement Funds Africa exists to support and serve both our membership base and the retirement sector at large, we see our primary role as equipping this ecosystem with knowledge, services, advocacy and education to generate and sustain energy in this crucial socio-economic environment.

Hence it is imperative that the retirement sector itself help us constantly redefine our delivery and service package so that we can continue to meet your dynamic needs, now and in the future.

In addition to our range of member services aimed at knowledge transfer and sector development, the IRFA represents the retirement sector in negotiations with government authorities and the Financial Sector Conduct Authority. (Including commenting on legislation and tax matters affecting retirement funds/pensioners and all stakeholders.) We like to think that we are your voice in the sector and your needs and opinions define our programming and strategy. 

To ensure that we consistently deliver to your requirements as well as to global standards, we believe it is time to revisit member and sector needs and opinions.
We would be very grateful if you could take a few moments of your time to provide your valuable input. All results are being analysed by an independent research practice to assure anonymity and confidentiality.

Thank you for your valued participation

Wayne Hiller-Van Rensburg

Section One: Demographic battery for all respondents to complete

We need these responses to be able to tabulate our findings by industry sector. Items 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 are discretionary, but should you wish to complete these, your name will be entered into a draw for free conference registration for 2019. Should you wish to remain anonymous, please commence the survey at Item 2

Voluntary section

1.1 Your name

1.2 Your Fund/organisation

1.3 Your telephone number

2. Your designation/job title

3. Do you represent. Choose as many as apply.

A Retirement Fund itself
An Administrator/Service Provider
A Legislative Body
Other (Please specify)

Other (Please specify)

4. Which best describes the industry in which your
members/pensioners/key stakeholders are placed? Choose as many as apply.

Business and Commerce
Agricultural Sector
Public Service
Medical and Healthcare
Professional Services
Organised labour
Other (Please specify)

Other (Please specify)

5. How long have you/has your organisation been an IRFA member?

0-2 years
3-5 years
6-8 years
9-15 years
Longer than this

Section 2: Demographic Battery for representatives of Retirement Funds only. If you represent a Retirement Fund please answer questions 7-11. If not a representative of a Retirement Fund please proceed to question 11.

6. Please specify the type of Fund. Choose as many as apply.

Defined Benefit
Defined Contribution
Other (please specify)

Other (Please specify)

7. Is this a, choose as many as apply.
Pension Fund
Provident Fund
Other (Please specify)

Other (Please specify)

8. Would you classify your Fund as a:
Small Fund
Medium Fund
Large Fund
Umbrella Fund
Other (Please specify)

Other (please specify)

9. Does your Fund represent the interest of members and pensioners. Choose as many as apply.

In the Private Sector
In the Public Sector
Other (please specify)

Other (please specify)

10. In terms of administration processes
Is your Fund self-administered
Does it employ the services of Fund Administrators
Not sure

Section Three: Role and Reputation of the IRFA

11. What role do you think the IRFA best serves in the Retirement Sector? Please respond to all items.

  Important Of average importance Not Important Don't know
A strategic role in sector policymaking
A lobbying role for IRFA member interests
A positioning role for the Retirement Sector
An advocacy role for the Retirement Sector amongst core stakeholders
An advisory role to IRFA members
A benchmarking and measurement role on sector practices
A monitoring/oversight role on policy and practices
A developmental role in terms of IRFA member knowledge, skills and practices
A liaison role with government and regulatory bodies
A service role to IRFA members
An educational role to members of Retirement Funds
Other (Please specify)

Other (Please specify)

12. The IRFA is governed by a representative Management Board drawn from membership and its strategy is implemented by a professional staff team under direction from this Board.

Please rate the Board and leadership of the IRFA on the following items

  Always Sometimes Not sure Never
Governance practices
High ethical standards
Corporate social citizenship
Consultative practices

Section Four: Service Delivery

13. Please rate our staff team’s service delivery to our members

  Excellent Good Average Poor Don't know
The accessibility of IRFA staff
Our attitude when delivering service
Our responsiveness in dealing with your queries/issues
Our technical and professional competence
The way in which we communicate with our members
Our credibility in the sector
Our features, services and structures
Communication processes and practices

14. Existing product and service rating

Currently we deliver the following services to our members. Please rate the value of each.

  Very Valuable Valuable Of Average Value No Value
Providing sector information
Providing legal and technical information
The annual IRFA conference
Ad hoc skills development seminars
Workshops and forums
Advisory services
The IRFA Best Practices Industry Awards
Research in sector trends, standards and practices

15. In terms of future planning and in order to deliver the very best support to the retirement ecosystem, please rate the importance of the following initiatives we could consider.

  Very Valuable Valuable Of Average Value No Value
Greater use of electronic channels in interacting with you
Webinars and online education
Online advisory services
Customised/member specific programmes: Member specific workshops
Customised/member specific programmes: Member specific research services
Customised/member specific programmes: Other (please specify)

Other: (Please specify)

16. Is there anything you would like to add, or any suggestions you would like to make on our service delivery?

Section Five:  Knowledge management and transfer

17. How would you rate the local retirement sector in terms of compliance with the following practices?

  Excellent Good Average Poor Don't know
Fund governance practices
Investment practices
Stakeholder engagement practices
Financial management and reporting
Trustee Development
Socio-economic development

18. The IRFA partners with subject matter experts and organisations offering skills and knowledge transfer to the sector. Which topics/content would be of value to you in terms of forums and workshops hosted or endorsed by the IRFA?

  Very Important Important Of average importance Not important
Sector governance practices
Fund governance practices
Stakeholder perceptions, attitudes and behaviour
Sector influencers
Legal and compliance practices and trends
Investment practices and trends
Communication practices and trends
Financial reporting standards
Stakeholder education
Financial acumen and literacy (stakeholder)
Socio-economic contribution
Trustee development
Accredited courses and diplomas

19. Other suggestions regarding our outreach and knowledge initiatives?

20. In which areas should the IRFA be providing benchmarking data and research?

  Very important Important Average Importance Not Important
Sector Governance practices
Fund Governance practices
Stakeholder perceptions, attitudes and behaviour
Sector influencers
Legal and compliance practices and trends
Investment practices and trends
Communication practices and trends
Financial reporting standards
Stakeholder education
Financial acumen and literacy (stakeholder)
Socio-economic contribution

21. Please tell us of other areas/variables we should be researching and which would add to the body of knowledge (please specify)

22. Do you think the IRFA makes a positive impact:

  Yes Sometimes No Not sure
On sector standards and practices
On knowledge and financial literacy in the retirement space
On socio-economic growth and development

23.Is there anything else you would like us to know?